How do I report incorrect merchant details?

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You can report incorrect merchant name, logo or location directly from the Kroo app.

Follow the steps below:

  • Click on the transaction 
  • Under ‘Get help’, click ‘Issue with this transaction?’ 
  • Select “Report incorrect merchant details” 
  • Select the problem (incorrect, name, location, and/or logo) that applies to the transaction, you can choose one or all of them 
  • Click submit or if you have additional information to report select “add correct information” 

Your feedback will be reviewed and we’ll try to update any future transactions. 

Additional information 

You can provide additional information about incorrect merchant details by selecting "add correct information" and we will ask for:

Reporting incorrect merchant name 

  • Correct merchant name 

Reporting incorrect logo 

  • Merchant’s website
  • Merchant’s Facebook page 
  • Merchant’s Twitter handle 

It is fine if you do not have all the information - just provide as much information as you can.

Reporting incorrect location

  • The correct address of the merchant from which you purchased
  • If the transaction was made online, instead select ‘Purchase made online’ 

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