What are One Time Passwords and how do they work?

Team Kroo
Team Kroo
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One Time Passwords (OTP) are temporary PIN codes sent to you via SMS or e-mail. They’re typically valid only for one session or action. At Kroo, we use them mainly for verifying your login activity.

We're able to issue an OTP to an EEA (EU+Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway), UK, US, Australia and New Zealand numbers. For details on how to update your personal details, please see our related article, here.

Remember! Don’t share your OTP with anyone, even with us – we’ll never ask you to send us your password or sensitive details.

Not received your One Time Password?

If you didn’t receive your password via SMS on the first try, please tap the 'Resend the code' option.

If you still haven’t received your code, please ensure you’re on the latest version of the Kroo app and double-check that you’ve got sufficient reception and your phone number has been entered correctly.

If you’re still having trouble receiving an OTP, please contact our Customer Support team at help@kroo.com and we’ll take it from there.

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