How will I know whether my referral has been successful?

  • Updated
  • You will receive a notification in-app once your friend has successfully opened an account and spent on their card. 
  • If you are below your £100 maximum reward level, your notification will tell you that you have been paid £10. If you have already reached the maximum reward level the notification you receive will just notify you that your friend has joined 
  • The majority of applications are processed automatically and within minutes but some can take up to 7 working days. You don’t need to get in touch with us - we’ll let you know as soon as the application has been processed.
  • Your friend will be able to spend using their Kroo current account as soon as it is opened, virtually using their digital wallet, or as soon as their physical card arrives. 
  • Physical cards will arrive via 1st class post typically within 3-5 days of your account being opened.

Please note: you will be rewarded £10 for a maximum of 10 friends who successfully open a Kroo current account, after which you will no longer receive the £10 (you can receive a maximum of £100 in referral rewards).

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