Direct Debits & scheduled payments.

Scheduled payments.

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What is a scheduled payment?

Scheduled payments (also known as standing orders), allow you to make one-off, multiple or regular payments on a specific date in the future.

Scheduled payments are available on both the prepaid e-money account and the personal current account.

How to set up a scheduled payment.

Follow the steps below:

  • Tap the ‘Send ↗’ option from the 'Home' page.

  • Select payee.

  • Enter the desired amount for the scheduled payment.

  • Tap the ‘When’ option and enter the date for the first payment.

  • Select the frequency of the payment.

  • If multiple payments are selected, choose the required end date (until cancelled, until a specific date or number of payments).

  • Tap confirm schedule.

You’ll receive an in-app notification the day before the payment is due.

How can I manage my scheduled payments?

From the 'Home' page, tap on 'Scheduled' and then 'See all' to:

  • View upcoming payments.

  • Cancel payments.

  • View payment history and information.


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