Creating and managing groups.

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How can I create a group?

It’s simple:

  • Open your app and head to the ‘Kroo’ tab

  • Tap the ‘New group’ button in the top right corner

  • Choose a name, cover and any contacts that will become group members. Remember that the group members don’t have to be Kroo customers.

  • Tap ‘Create group’ and enjoy spending together!

How can I add a transaction/bill to a group?

Open the group and tap ‘What do you want to do?' at the bottom of the screen; you’ll see a number of actions, including ‘Add a bill (or refund)’.

Alternatively, you can do this directly from the transaction screen:

  • Tap a transaction that you want to add to a group.

  • Tap ‘Add to a group’.

  • Select the group you want to add the transaction.

  • Define if you want to split the bill equally or if you want to customise it.

I've split my group payment incorrectly.

Swipe left on the amount you've entered into the group and you'll be given the option to delete the split.

You can then add the correct amount and split.

How can I settle up in a group?

Tap ‘Settle up’ in the group.

Alternatively, open a group and tap ‘What do you want to do?’ at the bottom of the screen; you’ll see a number of actions, including ‘Settle up’.

How can I edit or delete a group?

To edit a group:

  • Open the 'Kroo' tab in your app and tap the group you want to amend.

  • Tap the cog icon in the top right corner – you should see the list of members, the option to change the background of the group, the ability to add and remove group members, and an option to leave the group.

To permanently delete a group, get in contact with Customer Support. This will delete the group for all members and all transaction and balance information will be deleted.

Can I leave a group or remove a group member?

You can leave or remove a group member via the group details page:

  • Open your Kroo app and tap the ‘Kroo’ tab.

  • Select the group and tap ‘Manage group and settle up’.

  • Tap your name (or another member of the group) and you’ll see the option to remove the group member.

Please note that you can only amend the group members if you’re even and don't owe (or are owed) money. If you leave the group, you will not be able to view the transactions within the group.

Does a group member have to be a Kroo customer?

Anyone can be a part of a Kroo group, but if they're not Kroo account holders they won't be notified they've joined a group and they won't be able to see the group details.

You can send a non-Kroo customer a group payment link.

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