What is a group payment link and how do I use it?

Team Kroo
Team Kroo
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A group payment link allows group members to settle up easily.

Group payment links:

  • Are unique to each group.

  • Provide a breakdown of who owes whom.

  • Allow to settle up the group balance anytime.

  • Can be shared with anybody.

  • Can be turned on or off at any time.

Note that people added to the group don’t have to be Kroo customers themselves.

Using Open Banking to settle up.

If you don't bank with us, we’ll use Open Banking to tell your bank to send the payment to the right Kroo account – you'll need to access your bank's app or website to approve the transaction. Payments are usually instant but can take up to two hours to complete and we’ll automatically add the payment to the group once it's processed.

Anyone can be a part of a Kroo group, but if you're not a Kroo account holder, you won't be able to see any group information.

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