I’m getting a “Check unavailable” message while creating a new payee – what do I do?

Team Kroo
Team Kroo
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It seems that we were unable to check the payee’s details you’ve entered against the target bank’s records and it may be happening for many reasons – see below.

Bank didn’t respond to the check request on time



The target bank account doesn’t support name checks.



The sort code or account number you’ve entered wasn’t found.



The payee’s account details are outdated as the recipient has switched their account using the Current Account Switch Service.



What happens if I choose to continue with the payment?

You can attempt another check later or tap the “Continue anyway” button if you see any of the above scenarios in your Kroo app. However, remember that tapping the “Continue anyway” button means that you’re fully aware of and accept the risk of sending money to an unverified payee.

If the payee’s details were unverified or incorrect, and you’ve decided to proceed with the payment anyway, there’s a risk that you’ve accidentally paid the wrong person. If that’s due to a genuine mistake, we can try to recover the money for you, but please note that this can take up to 20 working days and can’t be done for payments under £25. Please contact our customer support in-app or at help@kroo.com as soon as you realise you’ve made a mistake – we’ll be happy to help you.

As we care about the safety of your money and we want to do all we can to ensure your money reaches the desired account, we strongly advise to confirm the details with the payee and reattempt your payment again later.

If you’re a victim of a scam, please get in touch with us as soon as possible.

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