Why did I receive an interest payment adjustment?

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Why did I receive an interest payment adjustment? 

When an incoming payment is held under review for more than a day, you will earn interest on that payment. Once the payment is settled, we will deposit the payment together with the earned interest in your account. This will show up as an interest adjustment in your transaction feed. 

You can see the interest adjustment in the Kroo app, together with a link to the original transaction that was held. 

Note: we don’t pay any interest if the amount accrued is less than £0.005


Which interest rate are you using to calculate the interest adjustment? 

We will use the highest interest rate available when the payment is held. So, if there is a change in the interest rate during this time, we will calculate the interest adjustment with the highest rate. 


Will this change my monthly interest payment and how much interest I earn daily? 

No, you will earn interest daily and receive the monthly interest payments as normal. Your interest adjustment deposit will start earning interest as soon as it is deposited (this means you will receive interest on your interest). 


Will I find this payment in my bank statements? 

Yes, as any other transaction in your account.


Will it be reflected in my statement of fees or fees certificate? 

Yes, it will be shown in the summary and calculations of both documents.

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