Preparing your e-money account for closure or transferring to the current account.

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Do I need to input my details again when transferring to the current account?

If you're an existing prepaid e-money account holder, the following information will be transferred to your new current account (please note: we may ask you to reconfirm some details):

  • Personal account information (your name, address and contact information);

  • Account balance;

  • Kroo contacts and non-Kroo beneficiaries;

  • Standing orders and scheduled payments;

  • Contacts;

  • Groups;

  • Customer Support contact history;

  • Personalised app settings;

  • Prepaid account transaction history.

We'd recommend updating your sort code and account number for any regular incoming payments you receive such as your salary.

What if I still have funds in my prepaid e-money account?

Please transfer any funds from your prepaid e-money account before 28th February 2023 or before you close your account (whichever is sooner). Please ensure you:

  • Transfer or spend your prepaid e-money account balance;

  • Update any regular outbound or scheduled payments;

  • Remove your prepaid e-money account details as the recipient of any inbound payments (including your salary, government benefits, and scheduled payments from friends and family).

I have a recurring payment set up on my prepaid e-money account, what do I do?

Please update any scheduled payments, subscriptions (i.e. Netflix, Disney+, gym subscriptions, etc.) or recurring charges linked to your prepaid e-money account.

What happens if someone sends money to my prepaid e-money account?

Once closed, if someone sends a payment to your prepaid e-money account, the payment will be rejected and returned to the sender.

Note: this process isn’t immediate and it can take multiple working days for the refund to reach the sender's account.

What happens to any refunds or chargebacks that are currently in progress?

We’ll continue to process outstanding refunds or chargebacks up to 45 days after the closure of your prepaid e-money account.

Will my account details change if I transfer to a current account from the prepaid e-money account?

You'll get a new sort code, account number and a new card for your current account.

Your new sort code and account number will be available in the app.

Note: You’ll need to order a new card for your current account in the Kroo app and activate it when it arrives.

What do I do with my prepaid e-money account debit card? Do I need to order a new card?

You can keep using your prepaid e-money account debit card if your prepaid e-money account is open. Once your prepaid e-money account is closed, please safely dispose of your old card.

Where can I find my prepaid e-money account transaction history?

Your prepaid e-money account transaction history will be available in the Kroo app.

  • Open your Kroo app and tap the ‘Account’ tab on the bottom right of the screen.
  • Scroll down to the ‘Closed e-money account’ section and tap on it.

Access your transactions in the 'Old e-money account' section.


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