How do I invite friends and get £10?

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  1. Tap the “Invite friends and get £10 each” button on your Home screen or the button in the Account or Kroo tabs.
  2. Send the invite link by choosing an option on your device.
  3. Once your friend clicks the link, they must enter their email address to accept the invite.
  4. They will need to download the app and apply for a Kroo current account using the same email address they entered on the website. (Successfully opening a Kroo Current Account is subject to eligibility and checks, please refer to the Personal Current Account Terms and Conditions for more information).
  5. Once their current account is open they need to spend on their Kroo debit card.
  6. Your £10 reward will be credited to your Kroo current account once your friend has successfully opened a current account AND spent on their card. They will also receive £10.

Please note: During periods of high volumes there may be delays in opening Kroo Current Accounts. We will aim to pay any rewards within 5 days of someone qualifying for the reward by spending on their card.

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