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I’ve been the victim of fraud, how can you help me?

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Authorised push payment (APP) fraud is where someone tricks you into sending them money from your account. They often do this by contacting you via phone, email or social media and pretending to be someone else – such as your bank, a contractor, an estate agent or the police.

We want to help you to stay safe from Authorised Push Payment fraud. 

APP fraud takes 2 forms; either where a fraudster persuades you that they are legitimate whereas they are actually not, and you authorise a payment to be made to them OR where you make a payment but the goods or services do not materialise (often the would-be seller then blocks any further communication with you). 

It's important to be vigilant to avoid becoming victims of this type of fraud.

Remember that Kroo, any other bank or the police will never:

  • Call to ask you for your PIN or login password.

  • Ask you to withdraw or transfer money for safekeeping or because your account is at risk.

If you use Kroo, we’ll also never:

  • Call you without arranging it through in-app chat first.

  • Ask you to share any sensitive information about yourself or your account, like your PIN.

  • Ask you to move your money out of Kroo and into a different account.

Remember that fraudsters may know basic details about you and can fake phone numbers, names and email addresses. Hang up the phone and get in touch with us as soon as possible.

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